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Sunday 15 July 2007

Got some new stash

Yesterday was a small milestone for me driving wise as I was able to go to a Docrafts demonstration at a garden centre in Walsall. I went to Craft Central and I would not have been able to get there without the car. It felt absolutely brilliant and I was talking to a lady there who said it will make a huge difference to my life, and open up so many more choices for me. It was a great confidence boost for me as I went on my own and didn't really know where I was going so felt very proud of myself.

I was very impressed with Craft Central. They had a huge choice of manufacturers and their prices were pretty good. I got a Docrafts Goody bag, 2 packs of Papermania 6 x 6 paper in warm tones and black & white, and a Christmas messages rubber stamp. I only spent £29 but could have spent sooo much more :)

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Pootle said...

Yay well done you! You must have been so chuffed :) Still no wheels for me :(