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Sunday 15 July 2007

I've Been Tagged

Leigh has tagged me, that has never happened to me before so I hope I do this right !

Here goes , 7 things to know about me are :-

1. I met my husband by sitting next to him at a Pet Shop Boys Concert in 1989 and believe me love at 1st sight does exist :)

2. I played keyboards at a music workshop with Orbital before they were famous.

3. I used to go out with a trainspotter and he WAS really boring.

4. I adore music and hate cooking or housework without it. Satellite music channels are a godsend.

5. I got a 3 AAA's athletic association badge for being the school shotput champion when I was 10

6. I have a phobia of woodlice since watching a Hammer House of Horror film called Firebugs when I was far too young to watch scary movies. Gradually over the years I am learning to overcome this......

7. I have a butterfly tattoo on my right shoulder which was done in Amsterdam last year.

Right I am going to tag the following people



Jo Wardle



Lime Green Bogie Girl



joanne wardle said...

hi mandy, "thanks" for the tag, lol, but I've been tagged before, and I can't think of another 7 things. my seven are already on my blog somewhere! so if you don't mind I'll pass.

Marlou McAlees said...

Hi Mandy thanks for stopping by, love reading peoples tags, I was tagged twice in two weeks and big panic!! but got there!! :)

Louise Galt said...

Thanks for tagging me mandy, was tagged a while back but i'll play again