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Friday 20 June 2008

I've been driving for a Year !!

I was talking to an ex-work colleague on the phone yesterday and he was asking how thngs were going etc. I said I'd passed a huge exam and that I had been driving for about a year when it suddenly dawned on me that I passed my test a year ago yesterday !!!

My goodness but how quickly the time has gone ! Some friends and work colleagues were as gobsmacked as me at how it doesn't seem that long ago.

Well that good news is that in a year of driving I haven't had any speeding fines or any bumps. I've done some silly things but no damage (well maybe to my pride) so I am really happy about that. I can't be as bad a driver as my overly critical non-driving husband thinks I am anyway ! (he is getting better now though LOL)

Well I need to pop to an art shop tomorrow in Walsall so think I NEED to buy something crafty to celebrate :)

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