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Saturday, 12 June 2010


Been a bit AWOL lately. Have been on holiday and had a fantastic time and then of course you have the post holiday blues and lots of catching up to do.

We had a fantastic time on a cruise around the Canary Islands with two fantastic people who showed us the ropes of cruise etiquette. Paul took lots and lots of photos which he is still sorting out, that'll teach him for taking so many. Hoping to get access to them soon so I can upload a few.

Have had absolutely no chance to do any crafting since before I went away, still don't feel like I have got back to 'normal' yet. Work has been totally hectic since I got back and that has taken up a lot of my time and energy. We had a container full of blinds and poles come from China yesterday and it all has to be unloaded by hand within 2 hours. I ache so much today and have got some really nasty bruises, especially on my arms.

Going to an airshow tomorrow at RAF Cosford, never been to one there before so really looking forward to it.

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