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Thursday 9 August 2007

Not feeling too clever

Basically have been in tremendous pain since Wednesday 1st August and I don't do pain !!!!

Woke up twice during that night with what I thought was cramp in my thigh and had a really bad nights sleep as a result as it hurt a lot... Following morning got up to go to the loo and the pain was horrendous in the back of my right thigh and had to limp to the bathroom. Still convinced it was cramp I was in 2 minds whether to go to work or not, but Paul needed to go in early for a meeting so that was decided.

As the morning wore on I just couldn't move, the pain was winding me and I felt sick and it was really uncomfortable as I needed to go to the loo, but knew if I went downstairs at work I wouldn't be able to get back up again. Anyway got took home and a colleague drover my car home for me. I got a box of 32 Nurofen Plus and ended up taking them in less than 3 days. Had no sleep, couldn't move, couldn't get comfortable and had a horrible few days.

Managed to get the doctor to see me on Monday 6th and I've got Sciatica. taking pain killers and anti inflammatories and been given Diazepan to help me sleep but those are not working so not taking them. Since last Tuesday I have only had about 2 hours sleep a night, most nights not even that much. Had none at all last night and it's really getting me down.

Got 2 weeks off work sick which has made me feel bad as it is main holiday time and we have got poeple off. Also from 20th I have got a 2 week course which my employer has paid for and at the moment I don't know if I will be able to drive there as I have a lot of alternating pain and numbness in my right leg. I have to see a back pain specialist next Friday to be re-assessed and go from there. I really hope this is something that will ease up with resting it as the pain can be unbearable and makes me cry sometimes.


Paula Whittaker said...

oooo that sounds awful - I really feel for you (((hugs))) hope things improve and quickly!!

Kerrie's Crafting Corner said...

awww hun that sounds really painful... i hope your feeling a little better now... BIG HUGS to you