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Tuesday 12 June 2007

I've Passed !!!!

My Driving Test

WooHOOO !!!!

Can you tell I am pleased ?

It was my 3rd attempt and I am so very chuffed as I thought I had failed it when I brushed against the kerb as I was about to do a reverse round corner.

I asked if I had failed it and he said he couldn't comment, but not to make assumptions.

I was gobsmacked when we got back to the test centre and he said I had passed. He felt I knew I had done something wrong, would learn from it but didn't let it dictate the rest of the test and my driving otherwise vas pretty good. I give him the biggest hug and also my instructer who has put up with me for over 2 years (he is a saint !)

I am going out to celebrate with my hubby and a couple of friends. I cannot believe how much I am smiling, I literally am grinning like a cheshire cat :)


Mandy - The driver !!!!

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Leigh said...

Well Done Amanda! Be no cards made in your house for a while as you'll be too busy exploring lol!