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Monday 25 June 2007

Went to a Charity Ball

Had a very busy weekend and been driving loads.

On Saturday my nephew CJ was camping at Sutton Park with the Sea Cadets so we picked Grandma up and took her to see him, where he promptly ignored us all trying to be the big hard man (he's 10 so probably not cool to have family there !) I had to go and get my hair done as we were going to a posh do at the Metropole Hotel at the NEC. I had it cut and pinned up with little ringlets, it was very pretty.

I then went back and picked family up and had a mad dash to get back home and do the ironing etc. and then drove to Shirley which is a very long way from our house on ringroads and stuff. Lots of traffic and busy roads and good experience. Then went to posh do and had champagne and scrummy food and a very good time was had by all. Stopped overnight and had a lovely Sunday with family and then came back quite late and was very tired with all that driving. Had a couple of dodgy gear changes, but was really pleased with how much driving I had done. It's all practice isn't it ?

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