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Sunday 17 June 2007

Went driving for the first time !

Went driving Saturday afternoon for the first time. Offered to drop our friend back but he said he was a nervous passenger and would rather not. My hubby looked like he was really crapping himself and I was nervous but didn't want to say anything.

Did a trial run up to work in Aldridge. Took about 18 minutes. Normally takes me 25 minutes plus a 20 minute walk each day so that will be a big improvement. Also my hubby works at the same place so on the days when he is not working from home it will collectively save us £6 in bus fares a day.

Did a bit of tootling round on the way back, I was really enjoying the freedom of just going where I wanted. It took me about half an hour to feel really settled but by then the nerves had gone and I was loving it. I jumped out of gear once, stalled once and had trouble with finding reverse (you have to push the gear knob in which is weird !)

I got some petrol at Asda and we popped into Paul's Mom's on the way back. It was so cool just popping into someone's without there having to be a milliatary precision planned visit and timing it with the buses.

Also resolved the parking issue with the neighbours and asked them not to park outside the house anymore as I have got my own car now. Took the easy approach and spoke to the bloke as he is a lot more approachable than his wife is !

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