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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Busy Birthday Week

Sorry for being a bad blogger but I have had the most amazingly busy birthday week, a lot of it involving being taken out :)

Last Friday me and my boss went to Pizza Hut at Star City for a buffet lunch with pizza and salad, it was really nice and the 1st time I had been for the buffet. Brilliant value really. We had a friend over on Friday night and Paul suggested I pop to the chippie for tea. I had a mini fish and chips and boy was that a mistake. I reacted really badly to something and had terrible tummy trouble for the rest of the night. I went to bed at 8.30 as I felt so awful, really cold and shivery and literally all the colour drained from my face when I was on the loo. I a haven't felt so awful in a long time but fortunately felt much better on Saturday morning.

On Saturday night we went to our favourite indian restaurant with Paul's Sister and her new hubby. They had never been there before and really enjoyed the food. Steve drove so I was able to have a few drinkies and I ended up having nearly a whole bottle of Rose. I'm not used to drinking so much any more and I was a bit tipsy, but nice tipsy :)

Sunday we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. We got married on my 30th birthday in Las Vegas so we always celebrate our anniversary just before. We had a lovely meal at home and we lit our candle that we lit during he wedding ceremony. We have still got about another 8 years worth of wax left...... we're making it last.

On Monday, the birthday itself I had loads of handmade cards from my forum buddies. There was lots of oohing and aahing. I had gorgeous cards from my hubby and some lovely pressies. He bought me a new mouse for my computer which lovely and dinky, has lots of configurable buttons, cordless and doesn't speak the same language as Paul's so we don't end up trying to se the same cordless signal (that was so irritating!) he bought me some more Kylie Minogue Sweet Darling perfume as he loves the smell and it had just ran out. He also bought me the last of the Twilight books (I am already reading it, it's got over 700 pages!) I have a £20 voucher to spend at Amazon from Grandad and Uncle Roy and am now the proud owner of the new Promarker colours as he my fantabulous, wonderful, gorgeous scrummy hubby organised the family into putting together to buy me them. How marvellous to get a pressie I REALLY wanted and everyone was really pleased as it made it easy for them too :) I am so accomodating LOL

We went out on Monday night with Paul's Mom and Grandma as they were upset they weren't invited ton Saturday night but we didn't think they would want to go for a curry and it was nice to spend time with Jill and Steve as people we get on with rather than it being a family get together. As I was dropping Mom home the car was making an awful noise and it sounded like the exhaust so we popped in to our friends house and he had a look at it. He said I needed a clip replacing that holds the exhaust together but it wasn't urgent and I could get it done on Saturday. I was having to go to Coventry on Tuesday and Wednesday so needed to be sure the car would be OK.

Tuesday I had college. It was really frustrating as the 1st hour was just sorting out the people who sill couldn't log on t the computers. All last week's was a bit of a washout so I was a bit annoyed that so much of this week's was as well. When people have paid a lot of money for a course you expect to actually get taught something. I hope it is better next week.

On Wednesday the exhaust came apart on the motorway between Birmingham and Coventry and it made so much noise. I sounded like a boy racer and boy was I glad to get it fixed. The lovely man at Kwik Fit only charged £36.95 to replace a pipe and a clip so I was REALLY pleased and was able to drive back to Birmingham safely. I am just so glad that Paul was working with me that day and was with me in the car when it happened as I think I would have pooed my pants.

Thursday Paul woke up feeling really rough with a cold and needed lots of TLC and a home made chilli. I went to bed early to read my book :)

Friday my boss took us out for my birthday and we had a lovely meal at a steakhouse. We all really enjoyed it and it was nice to spend some time outside of work with him and his girlfriend.

So as you can see it has been a busy week, a bit up and down but lots more ups :)

Today is World Card Making day so after watching the F1 Quallies I am looking forward to having a day of crafting and just chilling. Might have to it the heating on today as it has started to get cold and it is so windy. Definitely Autumnul :)

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Sarn loves choc said...

WOW - what a busy week you had! Hope you've recovered now!