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Monday 17 March 2008

Back from Amsterdam .......

But we have brought back a nasty bug !

We were travelling home on Friday night and I was really, really thirsty which is unusual for me. Bought a bottle of water at the station and got back home about midnight. Within an hour I had uncontrollable diorhea with a really painful stomach. Over the next few days I was vomitting, sleeping and visiting the loo more times than I could wish to mention. I couldn't even keep water in! I completely lost my weekend to it

To make matters worse Paul has woke up with it today and he is worse than I was!

It seems to be the same thing that caused an epidemic at Christmas but we cannot work out why we have it now. I am guessing we picked it up from someone in Amsterdam. Fortunately both Garry and Hazel are okay but Paul was round at our neighbours last night for an hour and I hope he hasn't given it to them.

Oh well, at least he can't complain about constipation now !

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