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Saturday 15 November 2008

Been to Hobbycrafts at the NEC

I am suffering quite badly with a cold donated by my husband and wasn't sure if I would be able to make it to the NEC today but I was a brave soldier and faced my enemy (traffic jam on M42 queuing to get to the car park at NEC is always bad, but especially today as they had a car show on as well!)

I had a great time and was QUITE good with my purchases, but I couldn't wait to get home as my throat was really sore, and I kept sneezing a lot and was starting to lose my voice.

My legs were really shakey by the time I got home and I haven't even unpacked my bags. Keep feeling sick and as if my head is being squeezed in a vice.

Not got any appetite so going to goto bed and hope I feel better in the morning. I've got new crafty stuff to sort out dontcha know!


Sarn said...

Oh no - you're poorly! But brave! Hope you manage to get to play with your new stash soon hun. x

asia wu said...

Please visit my blog - there's a surprise for you :) Hope you feel better, have a nice day!