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Sunday 30 November 2008

Crafty Forum Meet Up

Had an absolutely fantastic day yesterday as I had arranged to visit some of my forum buddies. One of the girls Clare's Mum and Dad are members of a bowling club and we were able to hire their clubhouse for the day for a very reasonable fee. There were 6 of us that went in the end and came from all over the country.

From left to right there is Me, Kerrie, Clare, Helen, Lisa and Becky. All are very talented crafters and lovely people.

Helen made us all a little project bag each which had all the materials needed to make a fab
little tag book/card. Looks really effective and is so easy to put together.

Our mission now is to decorate the inside, not sure whether to put a Christmas message, or photos, or maybe a mixture of both?

Kerrie made us all a little giftbag which has sweeties inside

I drove just over 100 miles there and back again. It is the first time I have driven anywhere long distance on my own and I really enjoyed it. It was foggy all day and I kept driving in and out of it going down and the same back again. My confidence is so much better now on the motorway and I really felt a big sense of freedom on this trip. I even went on the M25 which was a real biggie for me, Lisa said the same thing. Lisa and Helen stopped in a hotel for the night rather than make the trip back again. I have to admit I was so tired that I probably should have done the same. At least I have had today to recuperate :)

All in all, I made 7 cards, spent some quality time with some lovely people and really hope we are able to meet up again. The time flew and we all really enjoyed ourselves.

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Sarn said...

Glad you all had a good time x