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Wednesday 12 January 2011

Help For Katie

I was touched to the core yesterday when I followed a link on Facebook from Stamping Caz to this appeal by Jak Heath.

Katie Emmerson Renz married to Kevin with 3 beautiful boys the twins Nate & Will aged 5 and Hunter aged 10 had some news just before Christmas that has rocked their world as they know it.

Katie has been diagnosed with stage 4 Stomach Cancer and is currently undergoing her only option which is Chemotherapy.

Katie is a fellow crafter and is loved within the crafting can read Katie's story on her own blog here.

I would implore you to read it, it is a fantastic account of how your life can be completely changed in such a short amount of time and anyone with a heart cannot fail to be touched by it.

Jak has got together with a host of digi artists and is offering an amazing array of designs for only £15. All donations will go to Katie and the family to help with the medical bills. As she is based in the USA they are going to be massive costs, not cheap like over here on the NHS.

Following reading Katie's blog I clicked on her Facebook link and sent a message with my friend request. As some of you may know I am suffering with self esteem and depression issues at the moment and commented that she had help put my situation into perspective. I mean I'm not going to potentially die from what I am going through am I?

Imagine my surprise when I got a message back from the wonderful lady herself which was so positive and upbeat. I am truly touched that she could find that in herself to give me some words of support. I can tell you it really has kicked me up the arse. When I get depressed the biggest issue is that I lose my sense of perspective and this has really made me re-evaluate things and stop feeling sorry for myself. I have fought it before and I can do it again.

When Paul got home he noticed I was in a much better place and I told him about Katie and asked if he would mind if I made the donation. I really felt it was something I needed to do but as I am now out of work I thought he may think £15 was too much. He said it was worth it to see how much more positive I was.

I can't promise that it will make such a big difference to your life as it has to mine but Katie really needs us. The most wonderful thing about crafting and blogging is that we have made our own extended family, we share ideas, we laugh with each other, we cry with each other and you are all such wonderful people. I know together we can make a difference and help this family when they really need it the most.

To donate please visit Jak's blog at Jak

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