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Friday 7 September 2007

Normal Service has resumed

I have had to pretty much stop doing anything recreational over the last few weeks as I have been studying for a Certification of Professional Competence in Road Transport & Haulage 'affectionately' known in the trade as a CPC.

I have been on a 2 week course and today I have taken my exams - 3 papers in all. As well as doing the classroom based course I have had to do a tremendous amount of studying each night and the whole weekend. I only hope that this has all paid off and I pass they exam.

Unfortunately I won't get the results for about 8 weeks so tonight I'm going to the pub to celebrate and leaving the car at home ;)

This all means I now should have a lot more free time for cardmaking and it's a good job too as September is a very busy month for me as there is a lot of birthdays and anniversaries (including mine)

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