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Saturday 20 October 2007

Mary Poppins

Let's Go Fly a Kite, Up to the highest height... come on sing a long with me if you know the words.

My wonderful hubby bought tickets for us to go the theatre in London last Saturday and we had a wonderful time. I loved the film and have seen it many times, but the musical was just MAGICAL !

I was crying pretty much all the way through, some sadness (Feed the Birds gets me every time!) and sheer happiness at how wonderful the whole thing was.

There were loads of kids there and they were really well behaved, but y0u could tell the difference in the ages by the oohs and ahhs. The likkle kids loved it, the big kids were too cool to care either way. This big kid enjoyed every single blooming minute of it and at the end Mary Poppins flew over the audience, was not expecting it and it was truly wonderful.

We'd had a walk around Covent Garden beforehand and had a look at the little craft stalls. I was amazed at how expensive some of it was, purely for the benefit of the foreign tourists I think. We went and had some lunch whilst listening to classical music being played outside. It was lovely just to spend some quality time with my baby to celebrate out 6th wedding anniversary.

Unfortunately coming back on the train my throat was getting very sore. One of the manager's at work has had a pretty bad cold and it was looking like I was getting it too. By the time we got home I was just wanting to get to my bed, where unfortunately I spent most of Sunday.........

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