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Sunday 22 July 2007

Rak for Friend

This card was made for a forum RAK.

I used Papermania paper, some silk blossoms from a recent swop and HOTP, a HOTP big brad with a flower rub on, and the sentiment is a chipboard shape from THAT QVC TSV. I have loads left but I am going to be gutted when I've used it up as I love it so much :)

New Home

This is a card I have made for a friend who has just moved into a new home.

The house and tree dies cuts are a Doodlebug designs Sissix die, the smily face on the sunshine was from a kids necklace which I took apart from Claire's Accessories and the ikkle flowers are Jolee's Boutique ones that I got as freebies from an Ebay seller in the USA. The sentiment is a rubber stamp and I have used Sakura Souffle pens for the the accents.

Got a Visitor

One of our friends Phil is stopping over at our house for the next 2 weeks, and as the computer room is also the spare room this means I may not be able to get on as much as I would like to.

However I have made 2 cards today which is great as they are the first I have made since I got back from my holidays.

Sunday 15 July 2007

I've Been Tagged

Leigh has tagged me, that has never happened to me before so I hope I do this right !

Here goes , 7 things to know about me are :-

1. I met my husband by sitting next to him at a Pet Shop Boys Concert in 1989 and believe me love at 1st sight does exist :)

2. I played keyboards at a music workshop with Orbital before they were famous.

3. I used to go out with a trainspotter and he WAS really boring.

4. I adore music and hate cooking or housework without it. Satellite music channels are a godsend.

5. I got a 3 AAA's athletic association badge for being the school shotput champion when I was 10

6. I have a phobia of woodlice since watching a Hammer House of Horror film called Firebugs when I was far too young to watch scary movies. Gradually over the years I am learning to overcome this......

7. I have a butterfly tattoo on my right shoulder which was done in Amsterdam last year.

Right I am going to tag the following people



Jo Wardle



Lime Green Bogie Girl


Got some new stash

Yesterday was a small milestone for me driving wise as I was able to go to a Docrafts demonstration at a garden centre in Walsall. I went to Craft Central and I would not have been able to get there without the car. It felt absolutely brilliant and I was talking to a lady there who said it will make a huge difference to my life, and open up so many more choices for me. It was a great confidence boost for me as I went on my own and didn't really know where I was going so felt very proud of myself.

I was very impressed with Craft Central. They had a huge choice of manufacturers and their prices were pretty good. I got a Docrafts Goody bag, 2 packs of Papermania 6 x 6 paper in warm tones and black & white, and a Christmas messages rubber stamp. I only spent £29 but could have spent sooo much more :)

I'm back off my Holidays :(

Came back off my holidays on Tuesday 10th but only got on my computer yesterday after a bit of drama at home and doing the washing !

Crete was absolutely gorgeous. The sun rose at about 6.15am and set at 8.30pm and in between it was clear blue skies, no clouds at all and very very hot. Paul has burnt his back swimming in the sea but that is now healing up fairly well. I have gone a nice shade of brown even wearing factor 30 and 40 which I am most surprised about. The photos are still on the camera but I will get some put on here asap.

So I think it is fair to say I have holiday blues as the weather is awful here, Paul's not been well, the neighbours are causing problems with parking the car and I just want to be back in Crete !