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Tuesday 26 June 2007

The last of the 30th Birthdays !!!

At last I have come to the end of the list of 30th Birthdays.

It has been a challenge to come up with completely different designs for all the cards, and the person who commissioned them has been delighted with them.

This card was made using paper from the scrapbooking box TSV from QVC. It is the first time I have used the papers and this was great as the border is part of the paper. There was another border strip about 1.5 cm wide which I cut off and I will use for another card.

I edged the card with a Brilliance pearlescent inkpad to stop it looking too stark.

The ribbon is a velvet one that I got from Paperchase, I love going in there as they have some beautiful papers and accessories. The chipboard frame and square are from the same TSV kit. The sentiment was a clear sticker from the pink cardmaking box which was a Linda Beirnstein TSV a short while ago. It is the first time I have used anything from that box.

The stamped image is from a forum swap and was coloured in unsing Marvy Le Plume pen. The lettering is die cut using Ellison Designs Curlie Girlie Alphabet, the numbers are Scrapbooking House rub ons and the flowers are embellished with clear stick on gems from Poundland.

This is officially the last card I am making before I go on my holiday on Friday.

Monday 25 June 2007

Went to a Charity Ball

Had a very busy weekend and been driving loads.

On Saturday my nephew CJ was camping at Sutton Park with the Sea Cadets so we picked Grandma up and took her to see him, where he promptly ignored us all trying to be the big hard man (he's 10 so probably not cool to have family there !) I had to go and get my hair done as we were going to a posh do at the Metropole Hotel at the NEC. I had it cut and pinned up with little ringlets, it was very pretty.

I then went back and picked family up and had a mad dash to get back home and do the ironing etc. and then drove to Shirley which is a very long way from our house on ringroads and stuff. Lots of traffic and busy roads and good experience. Then went to posh do and had champagne and scrummy food and a very good time was had by all. Stopped overnight and had a lovely Sunday with family and then came back quite late and was very tired with all that driving. Had a couple of dodgy gear changes, but was really pleased with how much driving I had done. It's all practice isn't it ?

Thursday 21 June 2007

Booked a holiday today

We are going to Crete next Friday !

Managed to get a really good deal on an All Inclusive holiday and we fly out on the 29th June for 10 nights. I am so excited I could burst, but have loads and loads to do before I go away.

Another 30th Birthday

One of my colleagues at work gave me a list of birthday cards she wanted making during the course of the year.

Most of them were for 30th Birthday cards as it was a lot of her schoolfriends and they had all kept in touch. As they all see one another I had to make them different. Many of the ones I have made over the last few months are in my slideshow, the link is in my labels list on the right hand side.

This card has been made using HOTP papers from the Citrus Creative pack, ribbons and the big brad with rub on are from my new HOTP QVC TSV which I collected from the Post Office today. The chipboard is from the scrapbooking TSV. I embellished with Paermania gems and a sticker. The flowers are from a 'Hen Night' flower garland from Birthdays - a great tip from one of my forum buddies. You get absolutely loads for £1.50 - very cheap !

Wednesday 20 June 2007

Thomas The Tank Engine

I have been commissioned to make a birthday card for a 2 year old who is mad about Thomas The Tank Engine and decided I wanted to do some sort of decoupage card and was expecting to make my own from layering an image but I was pleasantly surprised to find this by doing a Google search. It cane up with this fantastic image from a website called

I printed it out on photo paper so it was nice and shiny and the colours are very vibrant. I used silver peel off stickers to add the name and age and the Happy Birthday sentiment is a vellum sticker. The image is built up with 3d foam upto 5 layers.

The only trouble with using photo paper is that you only get one chance withe the peel-offs and I am not particularly happy with the spacing on the name, but I am sure his parents will love it. It's probably just me wanting to be perfect !

Monday 18 June 2007

Drove to work for 1st time

It was very strange driving to work and parking in my very own space. It was raining which was great because normally we would be worrying about getting wet and would have considered getting a taxi into work. This morning that was no problem !

We have a security gate at work and you have to drive up to a sensor and a chip in your pass lets you through. I was worrying that I wouldn't pull up close enough and would have to get out of the car - all the stupid things you worry about when you do something new for the first time. Of course it wasn't a problem and I was worrying about nowt !

Stamped Flower Card

This card was made using a stamped image from a swap with a forum buddy. Coloured in with Marvy le Plume pens, papers used were HOTP Citrus Cardmaker's Pack. Embellished with Papermania gems in centre of flowers and ribbon.

Sunday 17 June 2007

Went for a lovely meal

Our nice neighbours took us out for a meal to celebrate me passing my test. He offered that as an incentive to pass and it worked !

We introduced them to an Indian Restaurant called Regards in Aldridge and the food is lovely. It is very well flavoured and the meat is always moist and succulent. So far we have never had a bad meal there. Paul's Dad recommended we go there as he visits most weeks and is a well known customer. They are opening a new restaurant tonight in Boldmere and he has been invited to have a free meal. Last night Paul was speaking to the owner and he has invited us on Tuesday for a meal too.

Went driving for the first time !

Went driving Saturday afternoon for the first time. Offered to drop our friend back but he said he was a nervous passenger and would rather not. My hubby looked like he was really crapping himself and I was nervous but didn't want to say anything.

Did a trial run up to work in Aldridge. Took about 18 minutes. Normally takes me 25 minutes plus a 20 minute walk each day so that will be a big improvement. Also my hubby works at the same place so on the days when he is not working from home it will collectively save us £6 in bus fares a day.

Did a bit of tootling round on the way back, I was really enjoying the freedom of just going where I wanted. It took me about half an hour to feel really settled but by then the nerves had gone and I was loving it. I jumped out of gear once, stalled once and had trouble with finding reverse (you have to push the gear knob in which is weird !)

I got some petrol at Asda and we popped into Paul's Mom's on the way back. It was so cool just popping into someone's without there having to be a milliatary precision planned visit and timing it with the buses.

Also resolved the parking issue with the neighbours and asked them not to park outside the house anymore as I have got my own car now. Took the easy approach and spoke to the bloke as he is a lot more approachable than his wife is !

Commission for 5th Birthday

Our friend Phil brought my car round for me Saturday afternoon. WOOHOO !!!!

He mentioned that it was his grand-daughter's birthday the following day and he said he was going to buy her card and pressies. As he was stopping for a couple of beers I offered to make a card for him and he jumped at the chance ! I have made cards for Chloe and her Mum before and Phil is a rare man who appreciates the work that goes into these cards.

I used HOTP paper from the Citrus Cardmakers pack for the backing, Cuttlebug embossing folders for the Happy Birthday text and the '5' which was cut from card using a template I made in Word.

I embellished the card with Papermania brads, ribbons and a bit of sparkle. Used some pretty flowers and chipboard letters from QVC. He was delighted with the card.

Saturday 16 June 2007

Father's Day

Only made 1 Father's Day card for FIL as they never seem to sell very well at work.

I have lots of men who buy ladies cards, but not many of them buy cards for men !

I had to make this in a hurry this morning as I was out late celebrating with my friends last night so did a variation on the card I made for my hubby. Used the stamped images that were already coloured, just needed cutting out. Used HOTP papers again, Papermania 'Scrabble' tiles and Dovecraft brads.

I get my car this afternoon and our good friend next door are taking me out for an Indian at our favourite restaurant to celebrate passing my test.

I still cannot believe I can LEGALLY drive a car on my own. !!!!!

Tuesday 12 June 2007

I've Passed !!!!

My Driving Test

WooHOOO !!!!

Can you tell I am pleased ?

It was my 3rd attempt and I am so very chuffed as I thought I had failed it when I brushed against the kerb as I was about to do a reverse round corner.

I asked if I had failed it and he said he couldn't comment, but not to make assumptions.

I was gobsmacked when we got back to the test centre and he said I had passed. He felt I knew I had done something wrong, would learn from it but didn't let it dictate the rest of the test and my driving otherwise vas pretty good. I give him the biggest hug and also my instructer who has put up with me for over 2 years (he is a saint !)

I am going out to celebrate with my hubby and a couple of friends. I cannot believe how much I am smiling, I literally am grinning like a cheshire cat :)


Mandy - The driver !!!!

Sunday 10 June 2007

Welcome Home Paul

My beloved husband has been to Newquay since Friday morning and is coming home tomorrow.

I really have missed him - even his snoring and it will be purgatory at work all day until I can run home and see him.

He asked me if I was going to make him a card Bless !

I used some Penny Black rubber stamps that I bought off a seller on Ebay in the USA as they were so much cheaper than over here even with the shipping charges. I however have not used them before but recently did some stamped images in a forum swap and did some extra for me to colour in which I did whilst watching the Canadian F1 Grand Prix. I was so proud when Lewis Hamilton came 1st. He really is an amazing driver.

The backing papers and tag were from HOTP Earth Tones Creative Pack, the ribbons and brad are Papermania and the ikkle house is a punch. Teddies have been cut out and raised on 3d foam pads.

Wedding Card Box

With Bookatrix cards you NEED a box as they are about 1" thick when they stand away from the base card.

I particularly like to emboss a line around the edge as I feel it gives a focus to the centre and provides a corner to place a small embellishment and add a bit more detail.

I like to decorate the box lid with a motif or wording which complements the event the card is for.

I had a bit of a disaster with the rubber stamp though. I embossed it using gold embossing powder straight onto the box lid and the heat from the gun made the box warp !

I made another lid and cut the first one up so I could use the image and layered onto gold paper. It does stand out better on the lid now though. The peeloff is from a sheet I bought from Partners. The rubber stamp is a Denami designs one that I bought from a forum friend. I think it is so elegant.

Wedding Card

I have been commissioned by one of my colleagues Karen to make a wedding card in a box.

She had a look on my website at cards I had made before and selected a Bookatrix style card that I had made, but particularly wanted it in cream & beige. I felt it would be difficult to make a nice looking card with just those colours so suggested using gold as well.

I particularly like using 3 layers on this type of card, but sometimes it can be a real pain to match the papers together, this time it was easy ! The heart paper is wrapping paper from Paperchase which has a lovely design to it. The vellum is beige from a Hot Off The Press Earth Tones Creative Pack. I used small flower border peeloffs from I-mag-i-nation as they had them on special offer recently and I have used these ones before as they are so delicate. The mulberry flower stems have been twirled around a kebab stick to give them the twirly look.

Added a Page Rank

After visiting Paula's blog at Somewhere in Time I noticed she had a page rank on it so feeling curious went and had a peek and have added on to my own.

I don't expect mine will reach a very high number of hits but it will be interesting to see if my numbers goes up (or even down I suppose)

Monday 4 June 2007

Birthday Commission

I have been commissioned by one of my Manager's at work to make a card for his girlfriend. The brief was girly and pink, I think this will do don't you !

Used my fave Sizzix die, velvet ribbon, cute buckle from Ebay and papers from K & Co and Papermania.

The black glossy card was packaging from a Cuttlebug folder - us crafter's throw nothing away you know :) The dressmaker's form is in silver mirror card but this never scans very well and always seems to come out black !

Sunday 3 June 2007

Shaped birthday Commission

This card was a commission for a work colleague who at the start of the year gave me a list of cards she wanted making, most of which were 30th birthdays !

The card front is shaped like a 35 (template kindly supplied by Microsoft Word) This is coverd with DCVW Glitter Stack in 'manly' colours ! I like to differentiate the numbers by using different papers !

The Banner is a piece of black ribbon with a sticker on it. I used Papermania brads to hold the folded ends under and stuck on with 3d foam More brads held ribbon scraps and a heart on as it for her husband and you gotta feel the love ! I covered the 'inside' of the card with metallic silver paper which has a bit of glitz in it and used a few peel offs to add interest. Adele loved the card.

One of the girls in HR Sobia said on Friday that everytime she sees me she has to rack her brain wondering if she has a card that she needs making ! It's only small but I have my dedicated fan base who won't go anywhere else for a card :)

Been a bit slow on the card making front recently as I have needed to do some maintenance on my computer. Running out of space so having to do some sorting and backing up. However, I have just received my latest TSV from QVC which was a cardmaking set in a lovely pink box ! Planning on making cards today and also Paul is going to Newquay next weekend so I will be able to please myself all weekend. Well that's one way of getting away from his snoring !