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Sunday 5 August 2007

Went To A Christening

Very good friends of our John & Lisa invited us to the Christening of their daughter Daisy Jayne on Sunday 29th August in Lichfield. It is the first time Paul and I have seen her since she was born as they both have large families and we felt they would have been inundated and then I was bad with a cold and one thing led to another and a couple of months just dissappeared !

Anyway, Daisy is absolutely gorgeous (she comes from good looking parents so I suppose that helps a bit LOL)

I have never been to a Christening and thought it was a lovely service.

Our friend Phil went with us and I drove. On the way back I went on the A38 which is a very busy stretch of motorway and I joined it at the Weeford Island which a lot of people will vouch for is a very busy stretch of road. Went up to 60 MPH and loved it !!!!

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