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Thursday 29 January 2009


Unfortunately I am out of work again !!

I had a phone call yesterday morning to say that they had terminated my contract with the agecny as they've had to make cutbacks and then on the radio today I heard that E'on have had to cut 440 jobs and I was one of them :( Don't get me wrong, it wasn't the best job in the world - it was really frustrating at the best of times, the hours were long but the days went REALLY quick and the money was appalling for the responsibility you had, but if I was going to leave I wanted it to me on my terms and not someone elses !!! It was supposed to be a Temp to Perm contract and I was due to find out in February or March if it had gone permanent, but from very early on I was convinced that when the time came I was going to be told there was no proper job so I am not that surprised really. So that's me job hunting again and with Paul out of work the pressure is on. He doesn't seem to be that bothered and has told me not to worry as something will come up soon.

On a happier note we are in the middle of decorating and the wallpaper man has finished in the lounge and done a fantastic job. We have been to B & Q to get some wallpaper for the Hall Stairs and Landing and we whittled it down to 3, but there wasn't enough rolls in any of them so walked away empty handed. I did however get some fantastic samples so watch out for cards featuring those soon. Think Paul was a but embarrased as he was getting fed up of me ripping bits off the rolls :) He should be pleased, it's free stash LOL

Also went to Allied Carpets where I worked for 11 years until 2002 and it has changed ever such a lot since my last visit 18 months ago. There are only 2 people there who I used to work with, things have changed such a lot and it looked like not for the better. They don't even sell beds any more !!! Where the beloved curtain department I managed was has been completely changed, even Paul was a bit shocked. It was so quiet when I went in there today there is no way I could still work there. I would have been climbing the walls with boredom ! My old colleague Carl said I did right leaving when I did as it's definitely gone downhill and not the same place to work for.

Going into work for last time tomorrow to take back depot keys and phone etc and pick up personal effects and then going into Birmingham rag market to look at fabrics for curtains. Seen a lovely thick chocolate brown suede in Dunelm Mills today and if I cannot find anything similar in Birmingham I will be going to buy that. I was really pleased as Paul liked it too. He also liked the voile panels I saw in Perry Barr (took a photo with my phone....sneaky old me) I would rather buy the fabric if I can and make from scratch but if I can't get it in town tomorrow I will buy the panels and alter them. Either way I will be busy sewing soon. I haven't done any for ages so it will make a change and at least I've got lots of time to do it :)

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Sarn said...

Such bad news for you hun, but at least you sound like you're determined to keep busy. That's the spirit. xxx