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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

WOYWW # 122

Right, I have to be honest my workdesk has not changed AT ALL since last week. What with birthday and anniversary celebrations not only have I not had a chance to tidy it (sorry Jane) but I have also not made anything either. Went to bed on Sunday night with a tickly cough & sore throat and woke up with a full blown 'I feel like crap' cold and chest infection.

Then to boot I went to the dentist yesterday. I am absolutely petrified of going and admit to not having been for about 15 years. We started a program of treatment yesterday which involved taking out a broken tooth and today I am blooming suffering. It is so sore and on top of the cold all I wanted to do was snuggle up on the sofa and watch tv.

So for WOYWW I decided to show you my ribbon storage. As I alluded to last week, my craft space is very small so if there is an available, useable space, it WILL get used. I loves ribbon, I love textiles in general but ribbon in crafting is one of those finishing touches that can make all the difference to a project. Living in Birmingham I am VERY lucky that I have the Rag Market as a fabulous source of ribbons and trims, most very cheap too so of course, every now and again one makes a small purchase...... Please do not start licking the screen or drooling on the ribbon OK.....

This is the view at the back of my door. (I told you I loved Ribbon!!) I have a couple of those shoe tidies that hold large rubber stamps and ink pads and various bits and pieces. I have 2 really strong hangers that are made out of rounded plastic. These hold the longer lengths of ribbons, lace, trims and shoe laces. The embroidery floss ring holds the shorter 'card length pieces'

Close-up of this ring shows there are are clips holding the ribbons on. I tend to group them by colour so that I can pull all the similar colours together and lay them on my card to select the one I want to use. If none of the small ones are suitable then I go on to the larger section.

The close-up above shows how my ribbons are held onto the hangers. I used either the small crocodile clips that you can get for hanging lightweight curtains on. I had a load from when I used to work in a curtain shop but you can buy them from Ikea too. Another method is to use a large paperclip and hang a small bulldog clip from it. This then simply grips the ribbons you have grouped together. You will also see there are a couple of bundles of shoe laces. These were a complete bargain from Poundland. I had 4 pairs of assorted length laces, 70cm - 120cm for only £1. They are a really heavyweight twill and is another example of crafters being able to re-purpose something from it's original intended use.

I previously had them all rolled up in boxes but found I didn't use them so much. I think I am one of those crafters who uses what I can see so the stuff I have out or at least within easy reach tends to be what I use the most. I'm also very touchy feely so texture is important to me and I try to use it in my projects a lot.

Thankyou Julia for allowing us to congregate in one place and have a mooch at what is happening in other people's crafty worlds :)


Jane said...

You need to repost as WOYDW...What's On Your Door Wedenesday!!

At least your ribbon collection is tidy...sheesh! Get well soon

Kim Kelley said...

I hope you feel better!! At first I thought it was clothes hanging! LOL That is a lot of ribbon! I think we all need days of snuggling on the couch under a comfortable blanket and the TV to our favorite show!

Shoshi said...

Awww Mandy... you poor thing... I really, really feel for you. I'm another dental phobic but fortunately I have very good teeth, and am usually highly relieved when the dentist says they are OK! And on top of feeling so poorly too. I do hope you get over it all really soon, and are fully back to Crafty Strength.

I love your ribbons! They are a work of art in themselves. Lovely colours and textures, and all fully accessible for stroking!

Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog. I'm so glad you like my Clementine! I know what you mean about holding your hand up to the light. "Fearfully and wonderfully made" eh? Thank you for your kind words. Very encouraging. When I look at other people's work I often experience a mixed reaction of wonder at how creative they are, and green with envy that I didn't think of that idea lol!! But I suppose it's probably the same for most of us.

Happy WOYWW and get well soon honey.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Rollicking ribbons! But what a collection you have - I have ribbon envy!! And you don't hear that said every day...
Poor old you, feeling so rotten :( Lots of tea and paracetamol and rest - oh and did I mention chocolate??
Hugs, LLJ xx

Chrissie said...

What a wonderful bunch of ribbons... it almost looked like a dress!
Thanks for the visit today!

Helen Pigott said...

Loving the ribbons, very colourful.
Rum x

dianneo said...

I love ribbon too! I've mine sorted by color (for the most part).

Linda said...

Oh you poor girl! A cold and teeth. Too much. Once you get your teeth all taken care of you will be so happy and feel better. I use to be so afraid but once I got over that and stayed on top of taking care of my teeth it has been all good.
Your ribbon looks like a rainbow. So very pretty.
One day done to feeling better!
Sending hugs!

Spyder said...

agh! Ribbon, I put mine in to glass jars hoping that would keep them tidy, but, when I'm not looking they get out and party!! and all the colours get tangled up! Happy WOYWW

Julia Dunnit said...

Ppor Mandy - normally a tooth out wouldn't be so bad but when you're feeling so low and infected, it'llbe slower to heal. Be brave gal, a healthy mouth is much less worry when you're old!! You live within reach of the rag market and still feel the need to own all the ribbon in Birmingham. Honestly, if it didn't make me sound jealous, I'd say it was a bit greedy!!!

Helen Pigott said...

Thanks for the visit, yes I do suffer from depression and have done since I was 19 (I am 45 next week) so its been a long time, Ive had alsorts of therapy and have been told my depression will never go away but there will be good periods and bad periods so its something I have learnt to live with!. My crafting helps enormously and allows me to get lost in my own little world. Did you see my post about a design team call at The Craft Garden? You can find the info on my blog
Rum xx

Janet said...

Wow you have quite a ribbon collection there sweetie.....teeth can be a real pain at times....hope you feel better soon! x