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Wednesday 19 October 2011

WOYWW #124

It's WOYWW  and time to have a nosey at what is on YOUR desk. Come and have a nosey at all the crafters who have joined us over at Julia's Stamping Ground.

You will note that my desk has stayed tidy :) I have been making lots of DT cards with the images I had on there last week and of course this lovely sunshine makes it easy for me to be in a good mood and stay creative. Hopefully it will last for a few more days as we are due to go in a hot air balloon ride which was cancelled right at the last minute in July. I have to phone a number at lunchtime on Friday to find out if it is on and if it is I need to get to Hereford for our 3pm meetup. The weather forecast earlier in the week wasn't looking good for Friday but this changed yesterday and I'm hoping it will go ahead. Please all keep your fingers crossed for me won't you? This was my birthday present from my hubby last year and we have had a bit of a mare to actually make it happen.

I've got new STASH!!! I had some pennies for my birthday from my MIL and Paul's Grandma and I have purchased some paper pads (yeah like as if I NEEDED any more.....) Anyhoo I went to The Range on Monday and purchased the Mariposa stack from DCWV, I have lusted over it for such a long time and Spyder has kept teasing me with it and it has got loads of pretty butterflies in it and they are my weakness, butterflies and pretty papers combined together, well I had no choice really did I?  I went to a local stationers and they had some lovely paper pads I have never seen before so I bought the brightly coloured butterfly one and the black and white one. Most are doubles sided and have glitter on them too. I also picked up the recent edition of Creative Cardmaking magazine and they had some back issues I haven't had for a £1 each.. There are some gorgeous free papers in there and they are more than worth that so I was a happy bunny :)

You will also see in the glitter tray some images I have coloured to make up into cards. I've had such a game with my teeth for the last few days all I wanted to do was veg out and do some colouring.

I had  to go to the dentist Monday as my extraction site had become infected over the weekend. The dentist packed it out with some tobacco like stuff that tasted of cloves and the relief from the soreness was almost instantaneous. I'm on some really strong antibiotics and was due to have a tooth out yesterday but the dentist decided I would be in too much pain. She started to work on a tooth that was to have a small filling in it and it has ended up being a full on root canal jobbie......she did most of the preparation yesterday and has put a temporary dressing into it. I have some swelling and my gums are sore from the infection so I had a terrible nights sleep. The ibuprofen helps a lot but of course when they wear off I really know about it. I have a lovely dentist though who knows how scared I am and works with me to allay my fears. I also cannot believe how effective my breathing and relaxation techniques are helping me to overcome my phobia.

Anyhoo, I'm going to skedaddle and have a mooch around some of your desks and see what you have been upto. Hope you have a lovely creative day, Byeee and thanks for visiting xxx


jude said...

Mandy i can smell the tobacco padding now i still have some in a wee bag dentist gave me last time as i was going away to dads next day for week.Im same as you phobia but my dentist shes also fab!Istill smell it now when i open up my
Love your new stash hope you get pain free to enjoy it.
Have fab wedensday ,and creative week
hugs judex 16

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Bad luck to be having such problems with your teeth :( Not nice at all especially if you're really scared of it all...
Am keeping everything crossed for good weather on Friday. What an adventure going up in a balloon. You'll have to take lots of pics :)
Hugs, LLJ #40 xx

mamapez5 said...

Hi Mandi, it's nice to meet up with you again. I'm sorry you are having such trouble with your teeth. Hope it sorts intelf out soon.
I love your new papers. Mariposa is on my wish list too, but I don't suppose I will get it just yet. Papers are too heavy to have posted out here, and I am not due to be over in Uk again for a while.
I really hope the sun shines for you on Friday. What an experience. Let's hope it happens this time. Kate x

Jane said...

I woz gonna post a comment but your dentist 'saga' has made me hurl!! lol xx

Jo said...

Hope you feel well enough to use your new goodies soon.
Jo x

Marjo said...

Ditto, no fun to have new toys if you don't feel well enough to play with them.....

xoxo Marjo

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Mandi you're doing so well at the Dentist, hang in there,it's a long haul but it will be so worthwhile; I was where youare about 10 years ago, and after a year of intense treatment just like yours...nothing - every check up since has been a breeze..and my dentist says I have teeth in my head that I would've lost....and that my teeth are a pleasure to check. She also says I have a nice small mouth but that makes everyone who knows me laugh so much that I've stopped saying!!
S'not just you she teases - I nearly bought Mariposa at the weekend just because Spyder loves it. It is gorgeous, but I'm being strict with myself for a change!!

Angie said...

I so wish I could find a careing dentist. I have had a phobia since a child ...tranquilizers have got me there a few times but as soon as I trust one they do something stupid, leave the practice ...or die . Good Luck with your treatment. xx

Nearly forgot the desk bit lol ...Loads of fun things there for us to nose around.

Anonymous said...

I love your stuff you know that :)
I am sorry about your tooth problem and hope you got your balloon ride yesterday.

I decided yesterday i am going to make my christmas cards instead of scrapping them digitally :)

We have a huge creative market coming up first weekend of november, hope to pick up some goodies there :)

Huggles Jacquie

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy from the UK -- Hope your tooth is better. I guess we need to go create something with paper to get our minds off of it. Why do we love paper so much, especially home-made paper. I like the sides of your blog! I didn't get a picture of my work area and this is only my second time around with WOYWW - I'm still posting things I've made over the past couple of weeks. But next time, camera in hand when I'm at my busiest. Blessings Terri -- from Louisiana, USA --