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Saturday 14 June 2008

Building Work + Fridge Freezer

We've got builders in at home at the moment and there is dust everywhere. Having to be very careful with electrical items making sure they are covered up and doors closed.

We have a small extension at the back of the house and it was literally breaking away from the main house. When it initially happened we had to pay for a survey and the chap said he thought it was a problem with the foundations due to drains. This report was submitted to the insurance company and they got their own engineers involved. For over a year they have been monitoring the movement and said it is subsidence caused by insubstantial foundations on the affected section.

Well work finally commenced last week and guess what ? The sewage pipes were cracked and that is what was causing the problem. We are hoping this now means we do not have to pay the £1000 policy excess and they will re-assess the claim.

We have just had the fridge freezer repaired after being without it for over 2 months, the novelty has not worn off yet that we have proper refrigeration after such a long time without it.

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