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Sunday 27 July 2008

19 years of Love and Happiness

My husband and I are celebrating 19 years of togetherness today.

I met Paul at a Pet Shop Boys concert, two complete strangers who sat next to one another. We swapped phone numbers and phoned one another like mad for about a week. We officially became boyfriend and girlfriend on the 27th July 1989. It seems like a gazillion years ago, but also doen't seem to have been tha long.

Like most relationships we have had our downs, but I am glad to say way more many ups. For the most part life is good and we are a strong unit together. We both have strenths and weaknesses and between us there is not much we can't do. I think a strong relationship is built on compromise and loving the other person more than yourself. we've never had a serious argument although we have differences of opinion on things sometimes :)

I honestly believe that we will be together forever and that is an amazing feeling to know that I am going to grow old with this man who I love so much.

Sorry for the slushiness, better get back to the serious business of making cards.

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asia wu said...

Best wishes on your anniversary!