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Thursday 2 October 2008

Computer been neglected and 9,000 Hits !!!!

My poor computer has been badly neglected over the last few days.

I went on it very briefly on Tuesday just before we went out for the night, was really tired last night (out too late on Tuesday) and didn't go on it at all.

Tonight I have just finished putting the blurb on 2 cards I uploaded Tuesday and have opened my email, I've got 198 unread emails !!!!!!! My inbox was clear so God know where they came from.

Have just reached 9,000 hits on my blog! I am well chuffed considering I thought I would be the only person who would read it as I'm not that interesting really.

Better go and sort out my inbox then - I may be gone for some time !

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Sarn said...

Congrats on 9000 hits Mandy! I daren't put a hit counter on my page as I'm very much afraid only about 5 people read my blog!!!!!