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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Got a Job Interview

Had a phonecall this morning inviting me to a job interview tomorrow afternoon. As it's Grandma's 96th birthday and the whole family are going out for a meal I asked if I could re-arrange it for Thursday, unfortunately the woman isn't available so it has been arranged for 9.30am Tuesday.

The agency said last week they wanted to put me forward for the job if they were still looking and when he said what company it was it is the same place one of my ex-colleagues from Amtrak works at. He had suggested me for the job as well as the agency passing my CV over so he's already put a good word in for me :)

In the meantime I have spent the morning screeding the hallway floor, ordering the new carpet for the Lounge, Dining Room, Hall Stairs & Landing and I have prepared 2 wooden units that we built for the lounge years ago to be painted a nice chocolate brown.

Not had any snow yet today but all the schools round here are closed and the paths are icy. It has been really sunny and started to thaw out but it is getting colder and is very cloudy and getting dark. I know it has been snowing down south and in Wales so perhaps it is heading towards us.......

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