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Friday 13 March 2009

365 Cards Day 3

A very good friend has asked me to make a card for a 60th Anniversary as he couldn't find anything special in the shops.

I wanted to do something with linking 2 hearts together so started by cutting 2 heart shapes with a Fiskars template and sewing lace to them. The card is a pearlescent champagne colour I used a HOTP gold lace vellum, backed it with a pink DCWV cardstock and added a strip of textured card from a QVC Dawn Bibby kit which has Happy Anniversary foiled with an oil on water effect. The sentiment mat also came from this kit and I cut it into a heart shape to match the theme.

I wanted to incorporate Pearl's name as I thought this would make it more personal so I made a layered flower with 3 assorted Primas,  a pearl headed pin, a pearl shell button and tied a tiny ribbon through the holes. This makes the card fit in with Day 3's trio challenge at 365 Cards. I am loving how much more creative this blog is making me with my card making. I love being able to combine their challenges with the card sketch sites and it is spurring me on to make more cards. Pam, thank you, you are a goddess !!

Various bling has been added to fit in with the Diamond Wedding Anniversary theme and all alphabet peel offs are courtesy of Papermania.

I love this card, I am very proud of it. It has a lot more depth than I would normally put in a card. I always feel a piece of me goes into every card I make, I call it a smile in an envelope. As a complete romantic I am honoured to have been asked to make such a special card and hope they appreciate the love that has gone into it.


Pam said...

Awww, Mandy, you're so sweet! I'm glad you are enjoying the challenges - you certainly are getting lots of fabulous cards made - and this is no exception, it's very nice. And you are right, you totally inspired me to try more challenge combos ;)

Eve said...

Hello Mandy,

Yeah. It's my first time taking part in a challenge. It's interesting and fun ! Hmm...You make beautiful cards!!! Keep up the good work k! Love the hearts with white laces around them. =) So sweet~