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Monday 25 May 2009

Fantastic Day Yesterday

We had a wonderful day yesterday. We spend time at my Sister In law's house as it was her birthday on Saturday. The weather was glorious on Saturady and expected to be on Sunday as well so the original plan of going out for a meal for her birthday was amended to a BBQ and it was a brilliant day. We all caught the sun and chatted and ate and it was a great day.

Then, the moment we had been waiting for...... we went to the Jean Michel Jarre concert at the NIA in Birmingham. When I booked the tickets last year it said that it was an immersive experience specially tailored for indoor arena's - they were not wrong !!

The upper tier of the auditorium had been closed off and were covered with black fabric. I suspected this would be used as a projection area for lazers. When we took our seats I had forgotten how close we were to the stage so that was a really nice surprise. We were literally on the first row of the elevated section to the left of the stage so had a brilliant view of the master at work. The lazers were brilliant but were only projected to the back, at the sides the curtains were covering up speakers as you were fully immersed into a surround sound experience, just a tad better than the surround sound we have at home.... LOL

I took a couple of photos using my mobile phone which I need to get off later. I hope they have come out well in particular the synthesiser laser harp. We saw that when he was at the NEC years ago and it is still spectacular to see it . On the way back to the car we we guessing at his age as he kept jumping around energetically like a Duracell bunny and I guessed around late 40's to early 50's. I have just learnt today that he is 60 years old..... he honestly doesn't look like it and he certainly had a lot of energy last night, very impressive indeed.

Then when we got home we watched the F1 from Monaco and Jenson Button won again!! It's an awful shame about Lewis Hamilton, he's got a rubbish car and is having an appalling season but the Brawn cars, and in particular the driving from Jenson has been spectacular this year. It's great to see a Brit consistently winning. Only got Turkey to go and then the next race is Silverstone AND WE'RE GOING TO WATCH IT !!!! Got tickets for the whole weekend and we're camping with our very good friends Garry and Hazel, can't wait, can't wait :)

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LISA said...

Sounds like you had a great night hun:-)))))